The 7 Best Home Improvements To Boost Your Selling Chances

Before you list your home, take the time to do these 7 home improvements

There are many home improvements that you can do yourself, avoiding the high expense of hiring a contractor. Here are some great tips to increase the chances of your home selling fast.

1. Give your home a Deep Cleaning

A home that is not clean is frowned upon by buyers. Dust furniture, wash windows, clean and vacuum floors, and if need be, shampoo carpeting arriving at the property. The kitchen must be spotless. Make sure the tile and grout has been thoroughly cleaned in the Kitchen and baths

2. De-Clutter

Buyers want to picture themselves in the home. It should present a spacious and non- personal appearance. Create 3 piles of items (Donate, Throw, or Keep). Consider storing large pieces of furniture somewhere temporarily. Less furniture means a more open and airy look. Store your personal pictures and other items such as papers, toys and various miscellaneous items.

3. Neutralize Your Home

Neutral colors should be considered when painting interior and exterior walls. Choose colors that are pleasing to the masses. Stay away from bold colors as that may turn off a new buyer. If you have hardwood floors, that’s considered a plus to today’s buyer as they are very popular.

4. Lighting

Adequate lighting is important to most buyers. Open shutters, blinds and curtains to let natural light. Replace dim bulbs with brighter ones. The home should present a bright and cheery appearance.

5. Update Your Kitchen and Bath(s)

A beautiful kitchen is an excellent feature when selling a home. Since the kitchen is a home’s popular gathering place, make sure it’s pleasing to the eye. Remove personal items from countertops and replace with fresh flowers, or fruit. A cost-effective approach would be changing out cabinet knobs and handles that can give the kitchen a more modern appearance. Repair and paint any outdated or chipped cupboards.

Bathrooms are very important to a prospective buyer. Most home buyers prefer that any work needed. is completed prior to purchasing the home. Expensive bathroom fixtures in many cases are not necessary. Cleaning the bathroom, re-caulking the tub, and placing decorative rugs will greatly enhance the appearance of the bathroom. Simply replacing a shower curtain and towels will give a fresh face to the bathroom.

6. Garage and Exterior Repairs

Make sure the garage is free of unsightly boxes, and miscellaneous items. This is a turn off to most buyers. They want to visualize their vehicles or space for their storage. Repair any exterior issues such as cracked concrete on sidewalks or driveways, roof debris, broken windows panes, or loose railings that are considered security issues.

7. Create Curb Appeal

At first glance, based on curb appeal, a buyer decides whether they even want to enter a home. The home has to be appealing on the outside. From the entry to the landscaping, it will make people wonder if the home is as well kept on the inside as it is on the outside. Give a fresh face to the Entry. and trim any overgrown trees or bushes, Keep the grass cut and nicely trimmed. A well-groomed lawn can give a welcoming impression thus inviting to a prospective buyer.

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