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Sarasota Market Looking Solid

Strong Real Estate Figures Signal a Stable, Growing Market in Sarasota

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There was plenty of positive news for home buyers and home sellers in the local real estate market for February. Enjoying a solid and consistent sales pace, Sarasota's single-family homes earned strong sales prices, decreased distressed properties and relished a robust inventory. All of these indicators point to a steady and stable local real estate market.

Home Sales

With a median sales price of $185,000 in February 2014, single-family homes sold for 10.3% more than they did in February of last year. At the same time, condominium sales prices experienced equally good results with median prices hitting at $170,000, an increase...

8 Steps to Prepare for That Big Move

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When making a big move, prepare wisely! The last thing you need is something that delays the process or cause problems own the road. Of course, since most of us are not seasoned professional movers, consider following a basic guideline on how to prepare for a move. Here are eight tips to prepare for the big move.

1. De-clutter the house! Before doing anything, go room by room and remove any clutter. This is a wise step to take as it will save time and money during the move. While taking this step, make three piles-one for donations, one for sale, and one to throw away. Remember, with this proactive approach, the subsequent steps will go smoothly.

2. Think about getting a storage unit! Now, thrifty people might hate paying for a storage...

Curb Appeal Gets You More For Your Home

Landscaping a Huge Factor

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Florida's gulf coast is one of the loveliest areas in Florida. People come here to retire, look for jobs and enjoy the area's many regional amenities. Homeowners who live in the Sarasota, Florida region know they must keep their homes in good condition for many reasons. One of the keys to keeping any home's curb appeal is the use of excellent landscaping. Landscaping should blend in well with the surrounding area and use native plants wherever possible.

When landscaping is not given proper attention, problems may come up. A friend of mine who runs a business that specializes in providing landscaping services for homeowners was kind enough to speak with me about the importance of curb appeal and some of the best ways...