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Real Estate Investing: Understanding Returns

Real Estate investing Sarasota

When investors purchase real estate, they usually expect their investment to net them considerable returns in the future. Buying a home has always been viewed as a solid investment, but the money doesn't come just from increasing real estate values. When you buy property, you make money through appreciation, cash flows, tax benefits and mortgage principal pay downs.

Real estate is a good investment, but there aren't any guarantees that you'll make money on it. If you do the proper research and analysis, you make it much more likely that you'll buy a property that will bring you large returns in the future. You lower your financial risk when you take the following factors into consideration:

Value Appreciation...

Ask An Expert - HOA Tips & Cash vs Mortgage

Home Owner Associations - What You Need to Know

 “We have never lived in a neighborhood that has a Homeowner’s Association. What are some things we need to be aware of as we are considering buying a home that has one?”

This is a great question that sometimes gets overlooked in the home buying process. The most important step for buyers when considering purchasing a home that is in an HOA, is reviewing the Association documents and by-laws. It is vital to know what the rules and regulations, deed restrictions, and covenants are in the community. They can vary from what color your house can be to what size pets you can have.

A major item that comes up all the time is in regards to vehicles. Most HOAs do not allow commercial vehicles to be kept at homes....