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5 Questions To Ask Yourself About Keeping Your Current Home As A Rental Property

Sarasota investment propertiesMost people who buy a second home are trying to leave a ‘starter home’ situation. They now can afford a more desirable neighborhood, a newer home, or one with more space and amenities. However, some people who want to buy an upgraded home may wonder if selling their existing home is really necessary. Can’t people keep their existing home as a rental while buying a new residence?

There are several good reasons to keep an existing home as a rental when buying a new house. It takes a long time to build equity in a home and maintain it; many home owners understandably are reluctant to give that up. It makes sense to keep your old home as an investment and continue building equity in it — but only if you can afford this. Can you afford to buy a new home and rent out your...

Tips for Buyers in a Sellers Market

Buying a home is a momentous decision - and may be an incredible challenge. In many areas, real estate is in what is considered a sellers' market. This means that properties are selling quickly, and sellers are, in many cases, fielding multiple offers on their home. This means they can afford to price their homes higher and wait for a buyer who is willing to pay that price. Unfortunately this means buyers need to be aggressive and prepared. Here are some tips to help you navigate a sellers' market so you can land the home of your dreams.

Look in All the Right Places

Once upon a time, buyers would flip through the newspaper or rely on well-connected real estate agents to find the right home. But today, there are lots of other options. Real estate websites and smart phone applications are invaluable tools for buyers. In most cases, you can save your searches for quick, every day surfing of new listings. In some cases, you can even have instant alerts sent right to your phone...

Tips for Negotiating Repairs Post Home Inspection

Negotiate repairs after home inspection

How to Negotiate for Those Costly Repairs - After a Home Inspection

When looking to buy a new home, there are many reports that will be ordered to ensure you are making a wise investment. This will include an appraisal, which will confirm the value of the home and a title report to ensure there are no additional liens on the property. Another very important report that is frequently ordered is a property condition and inspection report.

When you receive a property condition and inspection report, a licensed home inspector will carefully go through the home to ensure it is in good condition. The inspector will then provide you with a detailed report of everything in the home that is not in top condition, including items that absolutely need to be repaired in order to either...