Do You Know Which Home Upgrades Have The Best Return On Investment?

Improving Your Sarasota Home

Whether you’re thinking about selling your Sarasota home or are just itching to update your space, it never hurts to prioritize your home improvement project base on their projected return on investment. For Sarasota condo owners, it could vastly improve your rental popularity, and the popularity of your listing should you decide to sell.

There’s no question that upgrades can boost the popularity of your listing, but which ones offer the most bang for your buck? Here are some of the top home improvements you can do that have the best return on investment.

Refresh Your Interior With New Paint

As simple as it might sound, a fresh coat of paint in your Sarasota home can have a profound effect on the space. You can cover up blemishes and modernize and outdated colors in your home, or even just replace the existing color. You can even add some new molding while you’re at it for a little extra enhancement.

Upgrade the Kitchen And Bathrooms

It might come as no surprise that kitchen and bathrooms renovations are two of the most common upgrades, and also have some of the best return-on-investment. That being said, in most cases only about 80% of the cost of the project is recuperated by the home's increase in value.

Improve Your Façade With A Fancy New Front Door

A new front door that’s beautiful, insulated, and sturdy, is well worth the investment. This simple upgrade can have up to a 120% return-on-investment.

Think Outside The Box: Focus On Your Curb Appeal

Ask yourself, what does someone see when they drive up to your home? If you own a condo, you don’t have too much control over this, but if you’re a homeowner, potential buyers are assessing your home before they even set foot inside.

Pro Tip: Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Critical Repairs

A word of the wise: if you’re hoping to sell an older home, don’t opt for aesthetic upgrades when there are structural issues that need to be repaired. While the buyer might not see them at first, you can bet that the home inspector will. Shortcuts like these will typically come back to haunt you, so always do it right the first time and fix the most important things first. Things like a new roof, windows, furnace, or deck, are costly and won't necessarily boost your asethetics, but are far more valuable in the long run and look just as great in the listing description.

If you’re considering some home upgrades, consult your real estate agent first to find out which ones will specifically help improve the value of your home. Key Solutions Real Estate is not your average real estate brokerage, they’re a full-service team that is eager to help you buy, sell, and invest, and manage homes in Sarasota. Contact their team today to discuss your ambitions and they’ll gladly help you make your dreams a reality.

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