Considering relocating to Sarasota from across the pond? Here's My Story.

Sunset on Siesta Key BeachWhy Move to Sarasota?

Many, like me, used to vacation in Sarasota to enjoy the tranquility and white sands of Siesta Key only to experience true paradise and then have to go home – in my case, to a much greyer and rainier country. Sarasota is addictive though and once getting a taste, few people can stay away for long... therefore, many, like me, started visiting more frequently and eventually just never left! For, the dream is not so far from reality… you only live once, why shouldn’t it be in paradise?

It is for this exact reason that this still small town has a continually growing diverse population and people from all over the country and globe are drawn to it. Sarasota has so much to offer, especially to those who enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air; the climate allows for year round opportunities for everyone to enjoy the recreational activities of their choice. From fishing and golfing to kayaking in the mangroves or shopping, here you can do it all. Whilst maintaining a calmer and more relaxed pace of life, Sarasota still manages to offer the amenities and convenience of a big city.

A World of Possiblities

As a young professional, moving to Sarasota opened up so many doors for me and dreams that I hadn’t even allowed myself to long for in the UK quickly became a reality here. The most important of which is the ability to purchase a home as a first time home-owner. Anyone who has lived or grown up in England is well aware of the challenges of getting onto the property ladder and this is largely due to the very high prices of real estate. Sarasota Real Estate, in comparison, is very affordable and is blessed with an array of varied architectural styles from very modern to old Sarasota originals. Live on the water, in a quaint neighborhood, downtown or ranch style… every preference and budget is catered to.

Once upon a time I used to go on vacation and dread going home… now I live where you vacation and never want to leave!

If you want more information on puchasing a Sarasota home, check out our Home Buyers Guide for international buyers.

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