Turtle Nesting Season

Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Sea Turtle Nesting Season is Here on Siesta Key and Surrounding Island

Siesta Key. Sea Turtle Nest Sign on Siesta Key Turtle Nesting Season in Sarasota County and its barrier islands has begun and runs through the end of October. Here at Tropical Beach Resorts, we take great responsibility in helping to educate locals and visitors about the local environment and all its wonders. May through October is sea turtle nesting season in Sarasota County and we are lucky to have the highest density of loggerhead sea turtles nesting on Florida’s west coast.
Sarasota County had a record year  for sea turtle nesting with over 5.063 nests. Afemale loggerhead turtle uses her back flippers to dig a hole in the sand and deposits about 100 rubbery eggs, each about the size of a ping pong ball. The turtle disguises the nest by covering it with sand. Once she leaves the nest, she never returns.
Sea turtle egg incubation ranges greatly, from 45 to 75 days when...